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What is IV therapy? Types of IV therapy.


Health is a severe concern in today’s world. Every human being wants to lead a happy and healthy life, but to environmental changes and various hazards in the lifestyle, a lot of changes can be seen in the quality of life of a person. A lot also depends on the place and the surroundings in which a person resides. Human life is full of uncertainties. Work pressure and tensions create a lot of health problems too. There are different types of therapies that will help people to survive even after severe health damages; one such treatment is the IV therapy Sherman oaks.




What is IV therapy?


IV therapy is one of the most effective ways to send fluids inside the human body when taking fluids becomes almost impossible by the mouth. The researchers have invented different types of access inside the body for IV therapy. Some of them are the
• Peripheral lines where the fluids are passed into the body through the peripheral veins.
• Tunneled lines – where the catheter is placed on the skin that passes directly to the vein.
• Central line – where the fluid is passed into the body through the primary IV line that enters the central vein.




The others are midline catheter, implantable ports etc. these helps the process to become more comfortable and helps the patients to recover much faster. The joy medical  are specialized in this, and they help their patients to improve much faster and healthier.

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